Design for Energy and the Environment
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Electronics & Sustainability: Design for Energy and the Environment

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John Pflueger, Dell's Principal Environmental Strategist, will be the keynote speaker during this year's symposium. Additional speakers include:

Some of last year's symposium industry speakers included Mike Tibbs from Walmart, Rajib Adhikary and Mark Newton from Dell, Bill Olson from Motorola, Chuck Newman from ReCellular, Jell Omelchuck from EPEAT. Academics from the University of Illinois included Dr. Tim Lindsey, Drs. Deborah Thurston and Harrison Kim, as well as Dr. John Abelson. In addition, Callie Babbitt from Rochester Institute of Technology, Eric Williams from Arizona State University, as well as Kate Catterall from the University of Texas-Austin, and Carol Handwerker from Purdue Univeristy presented their research regarding electronic waste.

Current and upcoming e-waste policies were discussed by Joseph Schacter and Mel Nickerson. Jeff Omelchuck additionally discussed EPEAT standards and their significance in the current electronics market.

This year, we are looking forward to an exciting set of new speakers, as we continue our conversation about sustainable electronics. Join the conversation with us in March!