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Design Methods for Sustainabilitylightbulb

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"Design for Sustainability" poses unique challenges to the design community because it redefines the traditional scope of design analysis. Compared to traditional design, the timeframe under consideration is much longer, multiple stakeholders and objectives must be considered, and the degree of uncertainty increases by several orders of magnitude. The "Design for Sustainability" community has evolved from a short term, special interest group to one which has grown in importance and breadth. The relevance of sustainability has increased, as customer demand and sustainability as a sound business practice have proven themselves. Sustainability has now become a permanent consideration in the design process.

There are many different venues in which design for sustainability researchers operate and present their work, and progress has been made on many fronts. What is needed now is a workshop in which researchers across a range of communities can meet, establish a common understanding of the current status of this rapidly evolving field, define the limits of the current state of the art, and develop an agenda for future research.

Initially, the design focus was on material choice, manufacturing process design to decrease waste, assembly, disassembly and material recycling. Now, the scope has broadened to include energy consumption, pollution preventing manufacturing processes, logistics and operation of product take-back systems, electric vehicle fleets, customer demand for and/or acceptance of sustainable design, the impact of legislation on the design process, the economics of large scale designs for sustainability, and a host of other issues.